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Echo PointEcho PointFirst light on Mount Solitary and the Jamieson Valley in the Blue Mountains. Opera SunsetOpera SunsetSydney Opera House Mount Tomaree LookoutMount Tomaree Lookout

Govetts LeapGovetts LeapThe most incredible light show in the Blue Mountains at the beautiful Govetts Leap lookout.



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Focus April 2017 Comp: Results http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/5/focus-april-2017-comp-results Crept in to the top 20 for the April Focus Competition for long exposures, with my image from down at Narooma getting a silver award with a score of 81.

Follow the links below to view the results and the gallery of superb images.


Top 20 Gallery


Kianga PointKianga Point

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Opera Sunset http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/4/opera-sunset Opera SunsetOpera SunsetSydney Opera House


The last time I went to the popular Mrs Macquarie's Chair in Sydney for sunset was 7 years back. Having lived about 10 minutes drive from here for the last four years and with the prospect of some colour at sunset I finally headed back. And I got lucky with a late flourish of reds and oranges whilst the opera house had began to light up for the night.  


Also featured Our favourite #ausphotomag shots of the week
Read more at http://www.australianphotography.com/news/our-favourite-ausphotomag-shots-of-the-week#WlpvPhXmBk7DjZ1F.99


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Three Sisters Sunrise http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/2/three-sisters-sunrise I don't normally get up at 4am to drive an hour and half just to take photos. As you all know it's a bit of gamble to say the least, hoping that the conditions play ball. Here I got lucky with some lovely light and this nice pink cloud despite a forecast for no cloud. I think I can now tick off the Three Sisters sunrise off my list now. 

Here are a couple shots, one before the sun rises casting a nice pink on the clouds over the valley and a second just as the light begins to shine on Mount Solitary and the Jamieson Valley.  I'm not sure which of the two I prefer yet.


Echo PointEcho PointFirst light on Mount Solitary and the Jamieson Valley in the Blue Mountains.

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Ten For 2016 http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/1/ten-for-2016 At the start of the year I wanted to unleash the shackles of work a little bit to try and get out and see some more of New South Wales.  With new kayaks, a National Parks pass was purchased, and quickly value was found visiting Royal National Park and Kuring-gai Chase National Park.  Also fitted in a weekend in Central Otago and three weeks in Scotland to catch up with friends and family after three years in Australia.  From quite an eventful year, here are my favourite ten images at the moment from the four thousand I have taken.


1. First up is this shot from an opportunistic trip up to the Blue Mountains to chase waterfalls after a few days of heavy rain.  Normally I'm not a fan of looking down on a waterfall, but I like the misty visibility in the valley created by all the low cloud. Bridal Veil FallsBridal Veil FallsLots of rain in the Blue Mountains equals big flowing waterfalls!

2. Driving back from the north coast of Sutherland and back home via the scenic route.  Since I was driving I was trying to look at this in the mirrors and I knew that I just had to pull over at the first chance I had.  To me this is the stereotypical mountain you draw as  kid, pointy mountain with snow at top.   Ben StackBen Stack

3. Night photography is something I rarely get a chance to try living in Sydney, but I often have a go when I'm out in.  Taken whilst visiting family in New Zealand.  This photo won me a yet to be experienced helicopter ride in Cromwell.

Clear SkiesClear Skies

4. North Curl Curl rockpool offers a plethora of different compositions, especially in high seas.  This was taken on the headland looking down on the recently battered pool. North Curl CurlNorth Curl Curl

5. This is a spot in Sydney that doesn't seem to attract the masses.  I found it quite unexpectedly when I had a early day at work and thought I'd have a wee explore along the coast to possibly find a spot that might be good a future sunrise and I came across this.

Ben BucklerBen BucklerNorth Bondi

6. A weekend away down in Narooma, a planned trip to go swimming with the seals was unfortunately cancelled but the coastline presented plenty photographic opportunities and this headland was only a couple minutes from where we were staying.  

Kianga PointKianga Point

7. Taken at the end of nice walk to the waterfalls on the path up to Slioch.  The weather was quite mixed and this is just before we got back in the car look down towards Loch Maree and Slioch.

Slioch LayersSlioch LayersLooking down the glen from the trail head for Slioch.

8. A really good soaking as the heavens opened up at Plodda Falls.  I had to wade across the water to get down here from the viewpoint on the other side.  Although there must have been a path here once as you can clearly used to be a path as you can still see the broken old hand rails on the right.

Plodda FallsPlodda Falls

9. Camping at Newnes for a few days and I managed to get up Mystery Mountain overlooking the campground for sunrise.

NewnesNewnesWollemi National Park

10. Staying next to Umina Beach made for a quick and easy walk down to the beach for this shot.  I like the layers on the headlands all the way to the Northern Beaches.

Umina BeachUmina BeachLooking across towards Lion Island and Barrenjoey Head at Palm Beach.

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Lake Eraring http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/1/lake-eraring Something different for me, a six minute long exposure of Lake Eraring from Dora Creek. Processed in LR and PS and converted to black and white in Silver Efex.

Shot on Pentax K5 with Tamron 17-50mm at 17mm, ISO 80, f11, 371s with Hoya CPL and Hitech 6 stop IRD filters.


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Kianga Point http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2016/12/kianga-point Kianga Point Sunset


One from the weekend down in Narooma on the stunning Sapphire Coast in New South Wales, Australia.

Kianga PointKianga Point

Shot on Pentax K5 with Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 at 17mm, ISO 80, f11, 2.5 secs with a Hoya Polariser

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Sleeklens Through The Woods Lightroom Preset Review http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2016/12/sleeklens-preset-review Introduction


I have almost never used presets for processing my images, so when Sleeklens asked me to review their Through the Woods Workflow for Lightroom package, I was initially unsure but thought I'd give it a go to see if really does speed up the post production side of photography.  The majority of my photography is landscapes and shot in RAW, so I always have to process my photos.  My usual workflow after importing to LR is to adjust the global exposure, colour temperature and curves to bring the image to life and then work on areas of the scene locally mostly using the gradient and radial filters.  In saying that I do not usually spend much time on an image and try to keep things as authentic as possible.  


First Impressions


Installation although not automatic is relatively straightforward.  It just involves unzipping the files and copying them to the relevant Lightroom folders.  A pretty thorough guide walks you through each step and I had no trouble following it all for the presets and brushes.

Sleeklens also provide you with some video tutorials that demonstrate how you can their presets and brushes to help you process your images.  They again are quite easy to follow.    They take you through initially using global presets and then making use of local brushes to add colour and detail.  The local adjustments in the videos look good and they make you aware that you can adjust the sliders on the preset brushes to suit your taste.


The Through the Woods collection contains 51 presets and 30 brushes for landscape editing.  The presets are presented in different sets, the first set is All in One which is probably the more traditional preset idea of all the adjustments being done in swift click.  Then the rest go through the different areas of the Lightroom Develop panel, which are stackable and can be mix and matched;  


  1. Base - adjusts the contrast and colour temp,etc to set an overall feel for the image

  2. Exposure - adjustments in highlights and shadows

  3. Colour - reduces a colour cast

  4. Tone/Tint - saturation

  5. Polish - adjust extra contrast, clarity, saturation

  6. Vignette - different strengths of black and white vignettes


The brushes are also arranged by type


  1. Basics - contrast and clarity

  2. Colour - adding tints or colour

  3. Effects - sky and water definition

  4. Haze - reduces colour hazes

  5. Light - dodge and burn plus a couple sunset enhancing brushes


The nice thing about the presets is that they can achieve a look quickly and efficiently, but  still can be altered, and are non-destructive to the RAW file.

When you open the develop module you can preview what each preset does first in the navigator panel by hovering the cursor the name of the preset.  Bare in mind though that clicking on each preset to alter your image does have some side effects.  I noticed that going from the  Base High Dyanamic Range to Basic Film, didn't reset the tone curves.  So be sure to undo rather than just clicking on different presets as I've done below. left to right

From left to right; Basic Film, High Dynamic Range, then back to Basic Film.


As I played with the presets I quickly realised that you can use the brush presets with the graduated filter and radial filter tools and not just the local adjustment brush.




Here are some before an after edits using some of the presets with roughly what I did to each as I've been using them through the past week.

Global adjustments with Presets

  • Base - Dance in the Rain
  • Color Correct - Reduce Reds
  • Tone/Tint - Warm it Up
  • Polish - Add Clarity (which I reduced a little)
  • Polish - Punch it Up (which I reduced the vibrance a lot)

Local Adjustments - Haze- cyan on the sky, desaturated the water, added some contrast and clarity, and warmed up some the the foreground.


  • Base - Morning Light
  • Exposure -Darken Shadows
  • Tint/Tone - Cool it Down
  • Polish - Add Clarity ( reduced)
  • Vignette - Medium Black

Local - brightened shadows on rock, add golden sun

  • Base - Extending DR 
  • Exposure - Darken Shadows , Less Highlights
  • Color Correct - Reduce Reds
  • Tone/Tint - Cool it Down

Local - Color Green on the trees, Add warmth, add golden sun, add water detail

  • All in One - Shine into the Sunset
  • Exposure - Less Highlights
  • Polish - Add clarity

Local adjustments - brushed green on the boat, brightened up the foreground foliage. Brushed in some subtle sunset haze into the trees.

  • Base - Dance in the Rain (adjusted blacks and shadows)
  • Colour - Deep Blue Skies (adjusted the positioning of the filter to match my sky and reduced the saturation)
  • Tone/Tint - Warm it up
  • Polish - Add clarity
  • Polish - Sharpen (Adjusted the mask)

Then I fixed the lens corrections, adjusted the colour temp in the lower half of the image using the subtle sunset haze preset with a grad filter.  Also increased the exposure slightly and added a bit of dehaze.




The Through the Woods Workflow allows me to initially get to a overall starting point in my processing with the presets, whereupon I can continue to enhance the image with the supplied brushes and my own personal adjustments.  Whether or not it was much faster using the global presets to prepare the image I'm not too sure as I would generally have to make slight adjustments usually to tone down the preset to my taste.  But they do help you to visualise what can be done very quickly if you are unsure what direction you want to take you photo.  On the other hand the brushes were very good for local adjustments and I found them quite useful and will continue to use them in my workflow.  In general from start to finish each image took me about 5-10 minutes.

If you haven’t used much image processing software and find opening Lightroom quite daunting with all the panels and adjustment sliders.  Furthermore are unsure what each one does then this is definitely something you will find useful.  It allows you to have a clear standardised workflow using the presets and will deliver consistent results.  There are quite a range of styles in the collection that should appeal to most tastes.  For those of you who are more comfortable with Lightroom there is still plenty to offer especially if you after a new set of presets to work with,  and you'll find the preset brushes are a really useful tool to use. 


If you are interested in purchasing the workflow used in this review here are a couple links 

Through the Woods Workflow

or for any of the other in the Sleeklens range check out 

Lightroom Presets

Editing Services



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Competition Win http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2016/10/competition-win Started yesterday with some exciting news that I had won the Cromwell Photos and Words competition, with an exceptional prize of a 45 minute helicopter ride with Heliview Flights.   So I'll be needing to head back over to NZ to get my prize.

Here's a link to the story


And of course my winning photo, taken at my Uncle's vineyard back in February.


Clear SkiesClear Skies

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North Bondi http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2016/6/north-bondi Ben BucklerBen BucklerNorth Bondi

Took advantage of a short day at work to go explore the cliffs north of Bondi.

christannachy@gmail.com (Tannachy Photography) Australia Bondi Long Exposure Sydney rocks seascape http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2016/6/north-bondi Fri, 24 Jun 2016 07:47:17 GMT
Potter Point Sunset http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2016/5/potter-point-sunset With a bit of time on my hands, a forecast for high cloud around sunset, I drove down to Kamay Botany Bay National Park in Sydney's south.  I also wanted to play with my new Hitech 6 stop ND during the day.  The sandstone cliffs offer a few different interesting compositions as well as interesting patterns in the stone itself.


A quick behind the camera snap as I wait for sunset.

A photo posted by Chris Jones (@christannachy) on

Potter Point


christannachy@gmail.com (Tannachy Photography) Australia Bay Botany NSW National Park Point Potter Sydney cliffs exposure long sunset http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2016/5/potter-point-sunset Mon, 16 May 2016 00:15:08 GMT
Scrub http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2016/4/scrub


Near the shore of Loch Maree, part of the route to the summit of Slioch.  We were walking to the waterfalls nearby. Despite all the photogenic mountains surrounding the walk, I was drawn to the lines and shapes in these trees.


christannachy@gmail.com (Tannachy Photography) Loch Maree Scotland trees http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2016/4/scrub Tue, 26 Apr 2016 07:46:18 GMT
Bow Fiddle Rock http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2016/3/bow-fiddle-rock Bow Fiddle RockBow Fiddle RockWintery morning on the Morayshire coast.

Given that I spent 3 weeks back in Scotland in February I have a few new photos to add to the website .  This is of the only morning I braved to get up for a pre sunrise shoot. Located on the Morayshire coast near Portknockie, conviently only 10mins from where we were staying the night in little Portsoy.  Bow Fiddle Rock is a place I've been keen to visit so it was nice to capture it on a moody morning.

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Bombo Quarry http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2015/10/bombo Bombo Quarry



A nice casual 5.30am sunrise thats about 2 hours from home, is always a fair commitment but to witness the power of the ocean against these basalt columns at this abandoned quarry is a truly special sight.  Ever since I moved to Sydney a visit down to Bombo Quarry, just minutes north of Kiama has always been on my photography wish list, but timing it for a sunrise has always put me off giving its distance from home.  Finally I made the effort to get down with promising conditions of a good swell, around high tide and a cloudy/rainy weather forecast.  I didn't really expect a colourful sunrise, but I got very lucky!  

The coast around Kiama is pretty spectacular for photography, with a host of great locations all within a few minutes of each other.  So to make the most of my time, I stopped off at a couple other spots after sunrise at Cathedral Rocks and Minnamurra.  Maybe I'll get a chance to visit them in better conditions in the future.


All moody before sunrise



Bombo SunriseBombo Sunrise

Basking in the warm light of the rising sun



Minnamurra Cliffs



Cathedral Rocks


Here is a quick map of the local area on google maps with parking locations and rough routes for anyone who wants to visit these places.

And tide times and swell can be found here.  http://swell.willyweather.com.au/nsw/illawarra/kiama-surf-beach.html


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Visit Scotland Cover http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2015/8/visit-scotland-cover Currently have the honour of having Scottish Tourist board using my panorama from Stac Pollaidh as their Facebook cover photo.  Hopefully a few of their 550,000 fans will get to see my photo.

www.facebook.com/visitscotland?fref=ts Stac Pollaidh PanoramaStac Pollaidh PanoramaA view of the encompassing mountains in the North West Highlands

christannachy@gmail.com (Tannachy Photography) Landscape facebook mountain panorama scotland tourism http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2015/8/visit-scotland-cover Mon, 31 Aug 2015 07:24:40 GMT
Fraser Island Shipwreck http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2015/1/fraser-island-shipwreck Maheno Shipwreck 
Built in Scotland in 1905 and used as an ocean liner between Australia and New Zealand and finally ran aground on Fraser Island in 1935.


christannachy@gmail.com (Tannachy Photography) http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2015/1/fraser-island-shipwreck Sun, 11 Jan 2015 04:31:54 GMT
RSABI Christmas Cards http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2014/11/rsabi-christmas-cards RSABI have selected my photo below from my parents croft in Rogart to sell as one of their Bespoke Christmas cards. All money goes to charity.  Having grown up in a rural crofting community I am fully aware of the hardship and the difficulties facing people who live there.  So I hope this little contribution on my behalf helps.  There is a great selection of other cards available too.  

These can be purchased at http://www.rsabi.org.uk/bespoke or http://www.rsabi.org.uk/christmas.

RSABI is a unique Scottish charity dedicated to the relief of hardship and poverty amongst people who have depended for their livelihoods on the land. 



Winter FlockWinter Flock

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Buried In The Sands http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2014/10/buried-in-the-sands

Turimetta Beach

christannachy@gmail.com (Tannachy Photography) Australia seascape Sydney http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2014/10/buried-in-the-sands Sun, 19 Oct 2014 07:31:00 GMT
A Day At The Zoo Part 1 http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2014/9/a-day-at-the-zoo-part-1 Here are some photos from a visit to Sydney's Taronga Zoo last weekend.  I like the idea of more intimate portraits to show a more personal side of the animals.  Almost all the shots were taken at the widest aperture my 70-300mm could muster and a shutter speed of 1/1000s.  This left my Pentax K5D to decide the ISO, which was often as high as 5000 and yet the quality was still exceptional.


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The Road http://www.tannachyphotography.co.uk/blog/2014/9/the-road The RoadThe Road


On the way to Gloucester Tops


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